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Your Wedding Day Fears, Solved!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

For as much as joy, anticipation, and excitement are part of the journey from "Yes!" to "I Do", there are also stress, worry, and fears to go along with it. The biggest part of our job is talking with our couples, listening to what they are worried about, and then working to allay those fears so they can have the stress-free journey that every couple deserves! So what better blog series than to address those fears and show you how a wedding planner can take them all from "sleepless nights" to "no big deal!", because that's what we do!

You can find dozens of lists about this very thing all over the internet, but for this article we've mixed our personal experiences with one of the leading authorities on all things wedding, The Knot, to come up with this particular set of ten. We'll break it up into a few different posts, but let's go ahead and get started from the beginning!

guests at a wedding
What to do with uninvited wedding guests? By Samantha Gades on Unsplash

10. Uninvited Guests Crashing the Wedding

Every bride fears that complicated family relationships will rea their heads on the most important day of their life. Our families make us who we are, and they can also make us crazy, but it doesn't have to ruin the fun!

If you are concerned about certain people showing up despite not being invited, you can (and should) provide your coordinator with a list of people who are not to be allowed on the premises. It's very important that you are very honest with your coordinator about what may happen if these people show up and are turned away.

If you are truly concerned that an incident may occur, it could be worth the investment to hire security to keep the peace. Your coordinator will be knowledgeable of who to hire, be they off-duty police or professional security guards. Dealing with it in a realistic manner, and planning ahead for any eventuality, will take away all the stress on the day of the wedding and leave you with nothing to do but make memories and enjoy all the love around you!

tent set up for outdoor wedding
Tent inspiration from our friends at Orlando Wedding & Party Rental

9. Weather Problems

No matter what time of year you hold a wedding in Florida, there's always a chance that weather will interrupt your plans. From March to October, daily afternoon rains are almost a guarantee, so it's important to work with your coordinator to have a solid backup plan in case of weather.

If your ceremony and/or reception are planned for an indoors venue, then you have nothing to worry about, save perhaps encouraging your guests to bring umbrellas to keep them dry on the walk in from the parking lot.

If any part of the day is planned to happen outdoors, but you are fine with moving indoors at your venue in case of bad weather, make sure to discuss this with your coordinator. They should always have a rain-backup plan of where, how, and when to move things inside if weather gets bad on the day of the wedding. You may even want to include this backup location in your ceremony rehearsal if the forecast is in doubt, just so there's no stress on the wedding day.

And if you are absolutely set on having your day outside, come rain or shine, you want to work with your coordinator to plan for renting a tent to be on the grounds for the big day. That way, if a storm blows up at the last moment, saving the day is as simple as moving chairs and people under the tent and out of the elements. There are near-limitless options these days, from clear tents that let you see the stars to fully air-conditioned tents with walls to ensure no rain or wind intrudes. You can also look at providing umbrellas for your guests so they can have a bit of shelter from the rain.

8. Messing up during ceremony and vows

Fear of public speaking is always high on the list of things that freak people out. Add in the pressure of a wedding in front of friends and family, and it shoots right to the top of a bride's worry-list! This is actually one of the easiest fears to conquer, and it starts with confiding in your coordinator about exactly what worries you.

Do you not know what vows you want to say? Do you have certain things you want in your vows but don't how to make it all fit together? Afraid you will blank out completely? Not to worry, every problem has a solution!

It starts with you coordinator knowing the strengths of the various officiants in town, and how each can help with your specific worries. Most officiants have a wide array of pre-written vows to fit your tastes and can help you customize them too. Others specialize in leading the bride and groom through the vows line by line. helping them succeed in spite of wedding-day jitters.

Once you've decided on an officiant, you may still want to write your own vows, and once again your coordinator can lend a hand. We've worked thousands of weddings, so we've heard every possible kind of vow, and we're happy to give you advice on how long you might want to make them, what parts of the vows a couple typically struggles with, and putting everything in an order that flows well and makes it easy for you to make them spectacular!

Lastly, don't feel pressured to memorize your vows! The best vow recitals we've ever seen have come from a piece of notebook paper, and there's no wrong way to make sure you tell the love of your life exactly what you want them to know on your special day! Write them down, practice them, whatever it takes to make you comfortable when you're standing at the altar. All you want to remember is how you felt when you spoke your heart to the one you love. If all else fails, just nod when the officiant asks you a question. That's all you need to make your marriage legal in the state of Florida!

7. No One Dances

This is another fear where your coordinator's knowledge of the local market and vendors will be worth its weight in gold! No one knows your guests better than you do, and no one knows the best DJ's and emcees in the business like we do! They are the ones who will make your guests get up and dance, make everything fun, and give both you and your guests a night they will never forget!

Just like any other vendor, DJ's and emcees all have their strengths. Some people are great at filling both roles, while others work as a team, with one person spinning the music and one on the mic, making introductions and transitions flow smoothly. We've worked with the DJ's in town for more than 15 years and know exactly which ones will work for every type of crowd, music preference, and energy level you're looking for!

The most important step in quelling this fear is to think about your guests, and what it might take to get them dancing and keep them on the floor all night. If you don't know their musical preferences, their age is usually a great start to give the DJ a framework for creating a playlist. Musical styles change with time, but some songs are universal, so the best DJs know how to mix it all up and keep the energy and fun flowing throughout the night!

Wedding planner talking to bride
Let your wedding planner keep you on schedule! Source: Thumbtack.

6. Falling Behind Schedule

Keeping your big day on schedule, with everyone doing their part at the right time, is one of the most important reasons to hire a coordinator! This doesn't mean just vendors, it means your family and friends too. No bride wants to play referee on their wedding day, so your coordinator will step in and encourage your guests to be in their seats at ceremony time and at their tables when you make your fabulous entrance to the reception! We will also get everyone lined up exactly where they should be when it's time to walk down the aisle, leaving you to just enjoy the moment.

We like to say that 90% of the work we do happens before the wedding even starts. A big part of our process is looking through your vendor contracts to make sure their responsibilities and timelines make sense and work with the flow of your day. Then, we take all that information and create one master schedule and minute-by-minute timeline that covers your entire day. Every vendor approves and signs off on our timeline well before the wedding day, so nothing is left to chance.

This schedule covers your entire wedding weekend, so you can even hand it out to your wedding party so they know when and where to be for the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and arrivals on the wedding day. You'll have peace of mind knowing everyone involved is on the same page, and if they do have any questions, they aren't calling you, they're calling us!


Wedding day worries will always be a part of the deal, but you don't need to let them overwhelm you. Hiring a wedding coordinator/planner early in the process will let you enjoy the journey, know that everything is handled, and have a stress-free wedding day! Concentrate on enjoying all the love and not worrying about the details.

Check back soon for Part 2 of "Your Wedding Day Fears, Solved!"

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