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Intimate  Weddings

Include all of your Vendors & Coordination to make sure it is ALL PERFECT!

  • Venues (Pick Your Venue...We will create Something Custom)

  • Photography (2hrs)

  • Officiant (Up to 30min Ceremony of Choice)

  • Ceremony Music

  • Floral (For Both Parties - 1 Bouquet/1 Boutonniere, 2 Bouquets, or 2 Boutonnieres)

Add On Requests: 

  • Cake

  • Catering

  • Champagne

  • Video

  • Transportation

  • Hair/Makeup

  • Live Performers

  • Animal Encounters

Orlando Drive Thru  Weddings

Starts at $500 

We've brought the VEGAS experience to Orlando!
Just going to the courthouse is boring! Why spend $350 or more there, when we give you more for your money?! Customizable to be exactly the wedding you want!

Stay in the car or get out to enjoy the Florida sunshine,

It is your choice!

Packages Includes:

  • Venue/Limo or VW Bus

  • Coordination Inclusion - Our team will be on-site!

  • Up to 10-minute Ceremony of your Choice

  • Sign and Witness your Marriage License

  • Endless email/phone/zoom planning support

  • We can accommodate up to 24 guests​




Enhance Your Celebration!

(additional charges apply)

  • Add Fresh Floral - (1) Bride's Bouquet + (1) Boutonniere

  • Add one of our Amazing Photographers for 1hr of Service

  • Specialty Car, Era Themed Car or Party Bus​

  • Add a Live Stream for Friends, Family or Memories for years to come!

  • Add a Live Musical Element --- Guitar, Steel Drums, Saxophone, Harmonica or Harp

  • Add a Look-A-Like to Marry You or A Part of the Celebration!

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