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Seven Things Wedding Coordinators Do That You Never Knew!

Most of us have been to weddings, but until you’ve been part of one, it’s impossible to know all the things a wedding coordinator does behind the scenes to make the day go smoothly! The coordinator's job is to be invisible, to make everything look and feel effortless, to bring the couple's vision for the day to life while they soak in all the love and joy around them on their best day ever.

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So if you're getting married and wondering if you should make room in your budget for a planner/coordinator (spoilers: you should), here's just seven of the many reasons you want them on your wedding team.

1. Saving you money!

The first thing we will do after your hire us is request that you send us all the contracts you have already made with vendors, venues, and the like. We do this so we can read through all the details, gain a better understanding of the event, and also find ways where we can potentially save you money!

Over the years, we have helped our couples shave thousands of dollars off their expenditures by making simple adjustments to shrink the number of tables needed for their guests, repurposing decor, finding services that were duplicated across multiple vendors, and so much more. You as the couple have too many things going on to possibly review every little detail, and trying would take all the fun out of wedding planning anyway! Having a planner/coordinator on your team takes that burden off your shoulders, and we just might pay for ourselves as we help you make your budget stretch even farther!

2. Extra coaching before walking down the aisle

The most important part of the day, and the source of the most anxiety felt by our brides, is the ceremony and everything that surrounds it. Will people line up wrong? Will they forget where to go? Will I forget my vows or say something wrong? While there's only so much we can do to help your memory (we do make sure you have your notes, vow books, and anything else you need for the ceremony!), we will absolutely be there to make sure everything else goes perfectly.

In the days leading up to the wedding, we coordinate your ceremony rehearsal to get everyone comfortable with their roles on the big day. If anyone misses the rehearsal or forgets what to do, it's no problem because we will coach them through it when it's time for the real thing. We line everyone up according to plan, remind them what to do, and send them on their way. All our couples need to do is enjoy that magical moment when they see each other for the first time!

3. Making sure your cake looks great

Orlando is filled with some of the most talented bakers and dessert vendors in the world, but no matter how much preparation is done, there's always the chance of a mishap when it comes to your wedding cake. We've seen almost everything in our 17+ years in the industry, so there's nothing we can't handle. During a quinceañera we coordinated, one of the guests unfortunately toppled the entire cake. Not only did we put it back together, we used strawberries (to match their color theme) to cover up the damage to the frosting so that no one ever knew there was a problem!

Cake flowers can often be a concern too, because the cake vendor and florist often arrive at different times ahead of the wedding. We are always able to put on our florist hat and arranging the flowers on the cake to create the couple's vision. Pro Tip: Give your coordinator a picture of how you want the flowers to look on the cake so they can make it happen for you!

4. Helping the DJ be a great MC

Hiring the right DJ for your crowd and the party you want to have is one of the most important choices you will make in your wedding planning. But not all DJs have wedding experience, so the Master of Ceremonies part of their job isn't always on point. Wedding coordinator to the rescue! Knowing what to say and how to move from one event to another (toasts, formal dances, etc) is crucial for a DJ to make the day enjoyable for you and your guests, so we're always there to help them along if they need it.

We will be there with a written script, help pronouncing names, letting them know when to move from one event to another according to the schedule you want, and basically holding their hand throughout the wedding. You never want to miss an important dance or announcement, and you don't want to get off schedule, so our coordinators will be there to make sure it happens. Your guests will never know and we will make sure they have the time of their lives while you dance the night away!

5. Bustle your wedding dress

One of the hidden features of a wedding dress can also be the most complicated: the bustle! This attaches the train of the dress (the part that flows along behind the bride) to the back of the dress so it isn't in the way while you're dancing and enjoying your party after the ceremony. Some bustles are as easy as one single loop over a button, while some we've done have had as many as 27 buttons!!

Not all wedding coordinators know how to bustle, and not all brides think of it ahead of time, but it doesn't need to be a panic-inducing moment. Some brides have a member of their wedding party do the bustle, but if not, we can easily step in and make it happen for you! And if the bustle comes unattached or needs to be fixed after your meal, we'll be there to do it all over again before you go show off your moves on the dance floor!

6. Emergency Sewing!

One of the laws of weddings is that there will always be a wardrobe malfunction. Zippers break on bridesmaids' dresses, someone steps on a flower girl's dress and it rips, buttons fall off of suits, bowties break, the list never ends! Sure, you can use safety pins, but will it last the entire night? Find a coordinator who knows the art of emergency sewing, because we can make long-lasting fixes for these issues and so many more!

7. Assisting Friend-Officiants

One of the special touches for so many couples is having a friend or family member act as your officiant. But for those who don't do weddings on a regular basis, there are a few details that can fall by the wayside. We are always there to help friend-officiants know all the steps to take to make sure your ceremony is perfect!

We will often look at the script the officiant will use during the ceremony and help them know when to ask the crowd to stand, remind them to announce an unplugged ceremony, and of course ask the guests to sit again once the couple is ready to say their vows. As with all things in a wedding, it's the details that count the most, and we're always there to make sure they are covered!


These are just a few of the things that wedding coordinators do to make sure your wedding is everything you've always dreamed it will be. To find out how we can make your dreams come true, email us today to set up a free consultation call!

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