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5 Reasons to Hire Your Own Coordinator for Your Disney Wedding

So you’re planning a wedding at Orlando’s very own Walt Disney World! There’s so much magic, so many amazing things that will be part of your wedding. But you want to make sure every little detail is perfect, and that you get the attention you deserve on your big day. So what do you do? Hire an approved preferred wedding coordinator who will be totally focused on you and your needs to handle all the details and make sure everything comes together!!

Let’s be clear: Disney supplies a venue/event coordinator for your wedding, but there are a lot of things for them to handle during your wedding, especially if your day has multiple events and is happening in different areas of the park. So putting an approved preferred coordinator on your team means you don’t have to worry about the details, as you know they will be handled! You want to relax and enjoy the incredible moments and all the love that surrounds you in the most magical place on earth, and your coordinator will make sure that’s exactly what will happen!

Disney World wedding fireworks
Copyright: Bella Allure Imagery

Here are five things your personal coordinator can do to make your Disney wedding as perfect as you’ve always dreamed it would be!

Make sure your personal décor and items get to the wedding

While your Disney coordinator is getting things ready inside the park, it's up to you to get your personal decor from your hotel to the ceremony and reception locations. You can't store those items inside the park ahead of time, and instead of making your wedding party or guests deal with it, your personal coordinator makes sure you don't have to fret over all those details. We will pick up all your items and transport them into the park, then make sure they get safely to the ceremony and reception spaces.

Handle delicate and perishable items

You've put so much work into planning each element of your big day, make sure you have a personal coordinator who will be just as caring and careful with them as you are! One of our recent weddings at Epcot featured extremely delicate chocolate favors that needed to be put out at the reception. They were packed in a suitcase that needed to be moved at a very specific angle so as not to jostle and damage the favors, and once inside the park they needed to be kept cold prior to the reception. We made sure they stayed safe on the bus ride over, then transported them to the Italy pavilion where we recruited some very helpful Disney restaurant employees to keep the favors in a temperature controlled location until it was time for their debut on the guests' tables, where we gently placed them prior to the reception!

Disney World Epcot Great Hall of China
Great Hall of China. Source: Fairytale Weddings Copyright: Disney.

Set up special décor and items

Even though the Disney setting supplies plenty of magic, couples still want to put their own special touches on the day. Your personal coordinator will make sure all those items are set, working, and ready to go when they should be! One of our brides had bubble guns for their guests to use as they walked back down the aisle after saying their "I Do's". They ended up being quite tricky to assemble and get working, but our team made sure they were ready to go for the guests to create the perfect photo-op at the end of the ceremony. We've put out place cards, table numbers, favors, and even taken care of the bride and groom's entrance music by making sure it was working with Disney's A/V system. Details matter to our couples, and we make sure they get done!

Secure, pack and return your personal items

At the end of the wedding, your personal coordinator will make sure all those personal items they transported into the park make it safely back to your hotel. Recently we were again in Epcot, with a late-night reception in the Great Hall at the China pavilion. Our bride and groom had ordered gorgeous, and very fragile, teapots to be used as centerpieces. Even though they had ordered the teapots through Disney, their coordinators do not handle packing up decor. The bride had let us know she definitely wanted to take home the beautiful keepsakes, so we brought an extra wagon that would allow us to transport the teapots out of the park. At the end of the reception, we very carefully packed all the teapots, put them in the wagon and made sure they got back to the couple's hotel in perfect safety!

Orlanod Disney World wedding castle
Source: Orlando Date Night Guide. Copyright: That First Moment

Understanding your event and your vision

Disney weddings have a lot going on, and a lot of details to get right, usually across multiple days and locations, with so many people involved. The paperwork at most venues is three or four pages, but for a Disney wedding it can be more than 20 pages, and can be totally overwhelming! We will sort through all the words and make sure we know exactly what you want, what your vision is, and then we will make it happen!

One of our weddings was sure they had paid for a champagne toast, but after reviewing the paperwork we saw that they had only arranged to have champagne at the bar, not poured for their guests. Easy fix, we just arranged for the DJ to make an announcement asking their guests to get a drink before it was time for the toasts. We look over everything and make sure, during our final details meeting, that we know exactly how you want the day to go. Then during the wedding, we double check and adjust as needed, without you ever needing to think about it!


You've dreamed of your Disney wedding your entire life, now make sure you can enjoy it! We're Disney approved and ready to handle all the details as part of your team. All you need to do is enjoy the love and magic all around you! Don't wait until after the wedding to wish you had hired us, email us today to discuss how we can make your Disney dreams come true!


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