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Creating an Orlando Wedding in Just 17 Days! | Brianne & James at Casa Feliz!

Updated: Jul 8

Just before Thanksgiving, a dear friend reached out to us with an emergency. A longtime friend of hers was facing the nightmare of every bride - her venue had canceled their wedding due to COVID, less than three weeks before the big day! The event was supposed to happen in Louisville, Kentucky, where at the time the pandemic-induced restrictions were still more stringent than here in Florida. Brianne and James had roots here in Orlando and were desperate to keep their same wedding date. So they wanted a planner who could recreate everything they had planned up there, right here in The City Beautiful!

With the distance involved, and having to find everything from venue to church to flowers and so much more on such short notice, it would be one of our craziest weddings ever. With James an active member of the military, we also wanted to honor his service and Bonny's roots as part of a military family. So Bonny knew that our team was up to the task, thus we said yes and got to work the same day!

Being calm and efficient in an emergency is one of Bonny's hallmarks, so she was the perfect woman for the job, and immediately prioritized the tasks. Most important was to find a Catholic church where the ceremony could take place, and then a venue for the reception. With Brianne and James having chosen one of the most popular days of the year (12/12/20), finding anywhere that wasn't already booked was a Herculean task!

Bonny used all her contacts and resources, garnered throughout 16 years in the business here in Orlando, to track down spaces that would normally be reserved more than a year in advance. COVID protocols only complicated the process, with allowed attendance figures drastically reduced and some venues not even allowing dancing for wedding receptions!

After talking with two different churches that could not accommodate the ceremony for various reasons, we found an opening at St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church. For the reception, Brianne and James had a specific look they wanted for their big day, so it helped narrow down the venue search. Casa Feliz was available and ended up being the most perfect space.

With the two biggest components of the day handled Bonny turned her attention to filling out the incredible vendor team that would give Brianne and James the wedding of their dreams! The short time frame complicated a few items, in terms of permitting with the city of Winter Park. Bonny always emphasizes quick, efficient communication with our vendors so all of the issues were overcome in time to have every component of the day ready to go well in advance.

This gorgeous clear tent with market lighting from Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals was the focal piece of the day, providing protection from the ever-temperamental Orlando weather and plenty of space for the party to spill out of the house itself!

Brianne wanted music during their cocktail hour, but with the city's prohibition on speakers outside the house, the DJ wasn't able to handle that aspect. No problem for us though! We dug into our extensive lineup of incredibly talented artists and brought in Matt Festa to provide acoustic guitar for the enjoyment of all the guests.

We also assisted the couple with keeping as close to their original budget as possible, reviewing contracts, and making adjustments to fit in last-minute details and must-have pieces. The guest list was complicated by travel restrictions due to COVID, and the relocation of the entire event to Florida, so we also helped find hotel accommodations for guests who had not expected to travel to the Sunshine State just before Christmas!

The couple had grown very attached to their photographer and videographer from Louisville, so the decision was made for them to travel down for the big day as well! As you can see here, we think you will agree the results were spectacular!

So many vendors worked hard to squeeze this event into their already busy calendars, and we are so grateful for the wonderful partnerships and teamwork they displayed to bring everything to a wonderful conclusion on this amazing couple's best day! Our lead coordinators, Amanda and Brianna, made sure every aspect of the day went off without a hitch, attending to every need Brianne and James had while also making sure the guests enjoyed the festivities!

And here is the entirety of the amazing vendor team that made Brianne and James' dreams come true for their wedding day!

Planning & Coordination - Amanda and Brianna with P.S. I Love You Productions

Reception Venue - Casa Feliz

Cocktail Hour Entertainment (Guitarist - Matt) - P.S. I Love You Productions

Cake/Dessert - It's Tasty Too

Please enjoy more gorgeous photos from the wedding, courtesy of Green Apple Photography. And for more fantastic real weddings and great advice for your big day, you can check out the rest of our blog posts here, and contact us with questions. We would love to quote any of our coordination and entertainment services for you!

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