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You are smart, motivated, and savvy... but you're also incredibly busy! You want to lower your stress but still stay connected to your event journey. Whether you just want us to make sure you have a stress-free event day, or handle every detail for you, we'll make it happen!

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Planning & Coordination

Beverage Burros, Llamas, Gators, Unicorns, Camel, Birds...etc


Look - A - Likes


Pet Attendants

Time to make your vision, the reality it deserves....

We will help as much as you want, with ceremony-only packages all the way to full planning! 


Intimate Weddings
Drive Thru & Drive Up


Do you just want to show up and get married?

These Services are for you! Everything is already included, you just choose your date, time and inclusions, and


Don't have enough time to plan a special friend's or family member's Birthday, Anniversary, Corporate Party. Let us handle that for you!

"Come one, come all...To anyone who's bursting with a dream"

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Why we do what we do

 When I came to Orlando for college I wanted to do film. Blair Witch project  (don't judge me) had just been released and it was groundbreaking. I always had a passion for the stories that the combination of theatre, music, photo, video, make-up, food, drinks, people, art, and entertainment created. It takes you to a world you never could have imagined on your own, because it takes a team to create. Well, the reality...  I also LOVE instant gratification. So, EVENTS are where I ended up!

With the help of the Central Florida event community and our team, over the past 17years we have been able to learn, grow, and fine tune our skills. We take every opportunity to try to enhance our client's experience and bring new and exciting creativity to the field. If you can dream it, we can most likely figure out a way to do it. Give us that opportunity!

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You may have seen our work in...

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Ready to start creating? We’re open for business.
Send us an email, message us here, text us, or give us a call.

Phone: 407-603-5102

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