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Drive Thru Weddings in Orlando!!

Updated: May 18

Introducing Orlando Drive Thru Weddings, a little taste of Vegas right in Orlando! Our home base is at Paradise Cove in Lake Buena Vista, just minutes away from Walt Disney World!

So how does it work, you're asking? Well, we've got this fabulous Boho trailer set up just waiting for you! You drive right up in your car (or one of the fabulous limos or classic cars we can make part of your package!), where one of our (licensed and insured) Officiants will be waiting in the trailer for you. You can stay in the car or get out, whichever you prefer. Your ceremony can be up to 10 minutes long, after which you will be officially married and we will sign and witness your marriage license, then file the paperwork for you. Then you drive off into the rest of your lives together!

But what if you want to add some extra flair to your ceremony?

We have you covered with so many great additional options! You have the choice of including flowers, photography, live-streaming for friends and family who can't be there, all kinds of vehicle options, musical acts or even a lookalike to attend or officiate.

While you're in the Land of the Mouse, you might as well add a little fun with some "cheese" and enjoy your relaxed, stress-free wedding experience! Details below....

$595 Monday thru Thursday $795 Friday, Saturday and Sunday

*Rates are for the Outside the Gates option, message us about packages including access to the entire Paradise Cove property (additional charges apply)! All Packages Include:

Choice of Ceremony (write your own vows or officiant-led; up to 10 minutes)

Sign and witness your Marriage License

Endless email/phone/zoom planning support

We can accommodate up to 24 guests (additional charges included when requested) 

SUPER SIZE YOUR BOOKING! (additional charges apply)

* Add Fresh Floral - (1) Bride's Bouquet + (1) Boutonniere as Keepsakes

* Add one of our Amazing Photographers for an extra 30 minutes. You get access to all digital portraits 

* Add on a Limousine, Extended Vehicle, Era Themed Car or Party Bus

* Add a Live Stream for Friends, Family or Memories for years to come!

* Add a Live Musical Element --- Guitar, Saxophone, Harmonica or Harp

* Add a Look-A-Like to Marry You --- Elvis can be "In The Building"

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