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Vendor Spotlight | The Bridal Finery

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Recently we were invited to a presentation at The Bridal Finery, getting to check out their new space and some amazing dresses all at the same time! The ladies always do a fabulous job of making us feel welcome and putting on a wonderful presentation to highlight their dresses and their incredible knowledge of the industry!

Situated in the heart of Winter Park, The Bridal Finery is a must-visit when you're looking for a wedding dress. Featuring both a made to order shop and an off the rack boutique, Tali, Roberta and Jamie will cater to your every need and find you the perfect dress. Not only do they have a stunning collection of dresses and incredible jewelry, they are able to adjust the dresses to meet anyone's tastes. Want cap sleeves on the dress? Lace straps to provide extra support or a bow to complement the train of the dress? They can do all that and so much more!

Below are just a few pictures we took while we were there, highlighting the amazing jewelry and dresses they have on hand at their shop. We are completely obsessed with the incredible level of detail exhibited on each and every dress they offer, and we think you will be too! Check out their website today and contact them to make your very own appointment!

And a huge thank you to all the vendors who participated in making the presentation happen! Floral Installation: Raining Roses Productions

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