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Meet Strings the Beverage Burro! | Wedding Trends| Live Entertainment

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

One of the top wedding trends is live entertainment, and animals are an exciting way to add something unique in this category of entertainment options. We offer a wide variety of animal encounters, and one of the most popular is the Beverage Burro!

So today we want to introduce you to Strings!! He is a 8-year old male donkey who lives on a farm in Ocala. Our amazing partners love and care for him and dozens of other animals, and I can tell you without a doubt, he is universally loved everywhere he goes!

Beverage burro who will serve drinks to your guests at your cocktail hour

As mentioned, Strings most often acts as a Beverage Burro, using a special saddle and saddle bags to hold drinks for your wedding guests during cocktail hour. He can also carry people (he does this for Easter and Christmas services) so if you really want to make a unique entrance to your ceremony, this could be your chance! And of course, people love to take pictures with him, he is always the cutest guest at the party!

Having Strings or another animals at your wedding is also a socially conscious choice, as many of the animals at our partner's farm (rabbits, llamas, etc) are rescues, typically from neglect or owner-surrender situations. So by doing this you are supporting a vital need in the animal community and making it possible for even more animals to be saved! And don't be concerned for Strings, he absolutely loves interacting with people and getting off the farm to meet new people and sometimes get treats from them! The interaction is healthy for all the animals, and benefits them mentally and physically.

Here are some more pictures of Strings at weddings over the past few months, he's been all over the Central Florida area, including Field Manor in Merritt Island and Paradise Cove near Disney! As you can see he has several looks: he can wear a bow tie, a sombrero, and even a floral crown and necklace! We can also modify his saddlebags to hold custom signs, as seen by the chalkboards in the pictures here. Just contact us with your vision and we can make it happen!

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