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Live Music & Hora Loca Entertainment for Your Wedding!

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt, one of 2020's top wedding trends was live entertainment. We expect 2020's trends to slip into 2021 as the country re-opens, so there's still plenty of time to ride that wave. From full bands to instrumentalists, and everything between, Orlando is full of internationally-renowned talent just waiting to dazzle you and your guests!

bride groom first dance bella collina sparklers
Sparkler Boxes by FyerFly Productions

Bands and Musical groups

With the many cultures and nationalities represented in Orlando's population, the musical stylings on offer are practically limitless. If you want to make sure an MC can keep the event on track while still having the crowd-rocking appeal of a band, Sound Up is a perfect option. They are a 4-person performing group where one of the singers doubles as an MC, seamlessly blending both styles.

Another DJ-included option is Viva Havana featuring DJ Joey, perfect for Latin flair and Spanish-language music to keep your crowd dancing all night long. Between performances by the band, DJ Joey can spin your favorite songs to make sure the dance floor stays full. If you love the style of the femme fatale martini-lounge singers of old, but you like your songs current and poppy, Martini Pop might be the group to croon you through your reception. Taking today's hits and mixing in some Casablanca feel is what they do best.

Maybe you're looking for a choral performance to accompany your ceremony and make it even more memorable. The Joyful Noise Choir is exactly what you're looking for, with more than 40 singers to give voice to your favorite gospel and celebration songs!

If you're a fan of multiple styles of music, or have a wide-ranging group of wedding guests to delight, Noire Productions could be just the ticket. There may not be a more diverse group in Orlando, as they have the ability to be everything from a 9-piece vintage band to an intimate acoustic guitar duo. They can even perform in Italian, French, and other languages!

If you're looking for something more intimate, or even want to have custom music created just for the two of you, a vocalist or duet is something to consider. Another 2020 wedding trend is customization, adding personal touches that make the day even more "you". What better way to do that than walking down the aisle to a one of a kind performance of a special song you've shared during your years together?


Orlando isn't just home to incredible singing talent, you can also find some of the best instrumentalists here as well. Orlando Harpist Christine MacPhail is a near-permanent fixture at weddings around town, recreating classical music and popular favorites for all parts of weddings and celebrations.

If a violin solo during the ceremony, or cocktail hour serenades for your guests are what you're dreaming of, we have been lucky to see both Jared Violin and Amy Xaychaleune perform in person. They are incredibly talented and will bring a touch of class and sophistication to your big day! String trios and quartets are also available if you're looking for a different and more involved sound.

La Hora Loca

With so many Latino cultures and backgrounds represented in The City Beautiful, a popular wedding tradition is La Hora Loca, The Crazy Hour. Basically it's a party within the party, a non-stop hour of dancing, excitement and craziness.

There are some really great entertainment options just for this hour, different from the norm but still a perfect complement to the day. Hora Loca is all about different, exciting, unique entertainment, so here are a few great ideas we have been lucky to see in person!

Kenny Kings El Timbalero - Kenny is a wizard on his timbales (specialized drums), and is a fixture on the Orlando scene, playing at vendor showcases and weddings alike. If you haven't experienced Kenny playing live, you're missing out!

Carrara Nour - Hora Loca is all about unique entertainment, and it's hard to find something more unique than belly dancing! Carrara is professionally trained in the Arabic style, and can personalize a routine just for your wedding!

Hardrive Productions - Hardrive are the kings and queens of stilt entertainment, and you've never seen anything like the dance moves they can do! Stilt walkers bring a bit of the exotic thrill to your Hora Loca, they love to interact with the crowd and the crowd loves them right back!

FyerFly Productions - If you're looking for something explosive to put the finishing touch on your hour, look no farther than FyerFly. In addition to being professional DJ's, they are known throughout Orlando for their assortment of confetti cannons, fireworks/sparklers, fog machines and special effects. Give your guests an experience they won't soon forget!


As you can see, the options are almost limitless for taking your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary! We can help you find and quote all of these entertainers and many more for your wedding, event or party. Please take a look at our main blog page to see all our other posts, and get in touch with us if you have any questions about these or other services we offer! See you back here soon for more!

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