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Returning Clients, and Why You Want to Keep Your Coordinator "In The Family"!

Updated: Apr 28

Over the last 15 years working in this business, in the amazing city of Orlando, we have been blessed to meet thousands of people and make wonderful friendships. We have had groups of friends from college, work, and even brides and grooms who we have met more than once along the path. But our most favorite experiences come when we get to work with a family on more than one occasion!!

From the standpoint of the couple getting married, it makes complete sense to use the same coordinator as your other family member(s) have used in the past. They have already worked with you, likely as a bridesmaid or groomsman, so there is no need to get introduced and familiar with them. The coordinator will already know the family members who will be involved, making the flow of everything from the rehearsal to the ceremony more smooth and easy. And the coordinator will already have a lot of perspective on what makes your family tick, who works well together, and what needs to happen to deliver a fantastic wedding day!

One of our favorite examples of working with the same family is happening right now! This is the beautiful Alicia Chesley and her beau, whose wedding Bonny coordinated several years ago.

And now, we are fortunate enough to be working with Alicia's sister, Tessa, for her upcoming wedding! We love seeing clients come back to us, and we look forward to seeing the family again, like greeting old friends and catching up after years apart!

Stay tuned for more blog posts coming soon! Busy season is here so we will be showing off our amazing couples and their fabulous wedding productions!

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