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Wedding Trend-Make Your Animals Part of the Big Day!

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

A recent trend that should continue to grow is the inclusion of animals, both personal pets and others, into wedding ceremonies. Not only can this allow you to include your beloved family members, but it can also be a socially conscious statement and can pay benefits to you and the animals you feature in your nuptials. PS I Love You now offers full Wedding Pet Attendant Services! Click here for more info!

Bride and groom including their dogs in wedding ceremony

Chances are very good that you, or someone you know, has a fluffy cat or dog that they consider part of their family. Life without these animals is unthinkable, so why not include them in your big day? Dogs and cats can serve as ring-bearers, aisle-walking companions, or even a simple way to de-stress the wedding party before they get down to business. If you don't have a pet just yet, but still want to put some good out into the world (and smiles on the faces of your guests!), consider having rescue animals featured in the ceremony (rescue puppies instead of bridal party bouquets is also a very popular trend). Larger animals such as horses, giraffes and elephants are also getting in on the fun these days, serving as part of a dramatic entrance or a backdrop for some fabulous photos.

Baby goat is one of many options for animals you can include at your wedding

There are those who will say that it's not right to bring these animals to an event or to ride a horse or elephant as an entrance to your ceremony. While that is a valid opinion, in many cases the animals you are bringing to your event are part of a rescue group, and the fees you pay to have them there are funding the rescue group, allowing them to save more lives.

Not only that but in the case of many animals, including family pets, science tells us that they share the human desire to be with their people, to get attention, and to be part of our lives, so why shouldn't they be a part of the fun? As long as you have someone assigned to care for them before and after their part of the show, including them can be a fun and healthy experience for ALL. Just something to consider as you plan your big day or event, and as the causes of animal rights and cruelty prevention grow in the national consciousness. Ask us for details how you can get in on this trend? We are huge animal supporters and work directly with rescues in the Central Florida Area, so we can put you in touch with the right people!

Pet attendant walking the couple's dogs down the aisle

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